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Delivering the missing link for a full product lifecycle

Historically, product manufacturers depend on sales data to know consumer patterns: that is totally unacceptable in a data centric world. In fact, thinking that there is a direct connection between sales and consumption is the reason why companies barely know their customers.

TeknTrash comes to fill this void. We at TeknTrash created the POD - Point of Disposal. This is a device which captures consumption data.

TeknTrash technology allows for the instant recognition of disposed products and its geolocation, thus allowing companies to match their sales to their effective consumption.

And, with that, TeknTrash is effectively changing the entire recycling model: no longer one based on the sales of products such as paper, plastic, glass..., but one based on the sales of useful consumer data

This, in turn, allows the creation of tools to effectively and sustainably incentivize the consumer to dispose properly of a company's product, with the obvious environmental and brand benefits

Stipra is that first tool: a set of technologies which create incentives for responsible recycling while obtaining useful consumer data

0 million m2 tons of plastics
dumped in the ocean
0 % of all methane in the atmosphere comes from trash
0 US$ billions spend by FMCG annually on digital marketing
0 US$ billions fails to deliver any noticeable ROI
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